(I’ve only read two of his books + his memoir but) I feel like I relate a lot to the main female protagonists in Haruki Murakami’s books. Not in that I’m particularly brave like they are or even go-getters like they are, but in that I’m harden by something greater than I can understand. The world is mysterious and I can enjoy it, but in the grand scheme of things, I am staring at it through a film of silver moonlight. Everything is just like it is during the day, but the moonlight makes it ethereal and intangible and I am there.


I started writing about how my birthday is coming up soon and I just got all existentialist and I literally can’t stand myself anymore, omg, going to sleep bye

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Austin Texas

Slow Motion - PHOX


Slow Motion | Phox 


Elie Saab - Spring Summer 2014



Elie Saab - Spring Summer 2014


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We live in a world where we so often quote figures of the number of the dead in Iraq and Afghanistan and Congo, until they become just that—figures. Each time I read these news articles, I find myself thinking, “What do they dream about in Congo?” “How do they fall in love in Afghanistan?” “How do they resolve family quarrels in Iraq?” “What do they like to eat?”

Of course we must know about the dead and the dying. And of course these figures and facts are essential. But they must, they should coexist with human stories. We should know how people die, but we should also know how they live.


Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Commonwealth Lecture 2012

On the tremendous importance of human stories and not just “facts.” Adichie is incredible.

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I did not realize so many look at those numbers and didn’t see three dimensional and varied lives.

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This is very relevant, especially with everything happening in Gaza right now. As people removed from the conflict and especially for those of us, like me, that are not Palestinian ourselves, it is so important that we do not perpetuate the dehumanization and trivialization of every single Palestinian life as the death toll from the Israeli massacre grows. Even as we report the statistics, we must always reflect on the humanity and three dimensionality of these lives. We must mediate on the fullness of their being, which does include pain and suffering under Israel’s blockade, racial apartheid and brutal genocidal policies, but these are lives that also include love, joy, family, friends and more. We cannot reduce these people to statistics and 1D portraits of pain and suffering. We cannot strip them of their agency further by splaying graphic photographs of their bodies across the net and our front pages “to make a point.” We cannot perpetuate white supremacy ourselves by reducing Palestinians into a single amalgamated mass of suffering, dying black and brown bodies with no agency beyond their pain. All of this is fundamentally disempowering, dehumanizing and wrong.

I love the way that Adichie frames all of this up perfectly and succinctly with this quote, and it’s one that I’m so glad that I stumbled back across by chance as the brutal genocidal violence of the racist Zionist state of Israel pushes the Palestinian death toll ever higher. As they take even more lives.

And as we put out prayers and thoughts with the Palestinian people in this time of tremendous difficulty, it is so important that we also maintain perspective and interrogate ourselves to ensure that we are not partaking in the same forces of dehumanization ourselves as people trying to be “allies.”

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After a hot day, Ponderosa pine trees off-gas some of the volatile organic chemicals in their sap. It smells like vanilla and honey and butterscotch and I wish I could share it with the rest of the world. #smellstagram


After a hot day, Ponderosa pine trees off-gas some of the volatile organic chemicals in their sap. It smells like vanilla and honey and butterscotch and I wish I could share it with the rest of the world. #smellstagram



seeing a hot guy in public


seeing another hot guy immediately after



Draco Malfoy taking his Aunt, Bellatrix for a spin.


Draco Malfoy taking his Aunt, Bellatrix for a spin.

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in canada they dont say i love you they say ‘je suis un ananas’ and i think that’s really beautiful

Howl's Moving Castle -





This is just a reminder that Howl’s Moving Castle has the most beautiful soundtrack.

ill post it on this blog too nobody can stop me

confession most of this movie’s soundtrack makes me tear up each time just saying

reblogging again because i haven’t been able to stop listening to this since i downloaded it

I’m gonna walk down the aisle to this song.

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15 Day Challenge



Day 1. Introduce yourself.
Day 2. Describe your crush/current relationship.
Day 3. Post a video of how your day is going.
Day 4. What’s been pissing you off lately?
Day 5. Describe your Tumblr in five words.
Day 6. What things make you scared?
Day 7. Post your day in bullet form.
Day 8. Describe your last kiss.
Day 9. If you were in trouble at 3 in the morning, who would you call?
Day 10. List the ways to win your heart.
Day 11. Any plans for the next year?
Day 12. Post a picture of your morning.
Day 13. List 5 things people don’t expect about you.
Day 14. Highs and lows of this past month
Day 15. What’s one thing you’re really excited for?

I miss these. So I will start this. (And I seriously couldn’t find the reblog button).

doing this again because why not

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The Invisible Force Behind College Admissions




One nation, under Canada, above Mexico.

with liberty and justice for some