anosdesoledad replied to your video:I was watching some vlogbrothers today and Hank…
I’m saving this to watch later because it is almost 3 here, but thanks for sharing the link as well as your commentary!! I miss you and our shared interests/frustrations/discussions deeply, friend.

I miss you, too! This video just made me reevaluate so many of my friendships (esp. at home) because, every time I bring up a social justice issue that matters to me, I’m told that I take things too seriously or that I’m “thinking about it too much.” So many of the ideologies my friends here have are just total opposites of mine, and they give up so easily instead of having a conversation with me that I give up a little too.

So I’m especially grateful for friends like you tonight, who never fail to have great opinions and great conversations with me about social issues that affect our lives! <3


wow I can’t believe a new naruto chapter hasn’t come out yet. is there…is there no new chapter this week???

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I was watching some vlogbrothers today and Hank linked to this video, so I watched it and was totally wow’d. This stuff is pretty common sense, but once someone tells you, straight-up: listen, if you’re really sorry, this is how you apologize, no excuses, no minimizing other people’s pain, no invalidating the person you’ve hurt—it really hits home, I think.

I took a lot from this video, but I think the main thing was the segment about the offender’s intent, which is something I’ve been thinking about deeply lately. Franchesca, the wonderful woman behind this video, says, “Your intent really doesn’t matter because it’s a matter of intent versus impact.” This resonated deeply with me because I’ve always felt like (and been told that) I am too easily offended by some of the things people say and some of the ways they act. I’ve been led to believe that I’m too sensitive for the world at large and if I’m going to have any success, if anyone is going to like me, I need to suck it up.

For this reason, I blame myself for a lot of the things that happen in my life. For this reason, I stay quiet about a lot of the social issues that matter most to me, like feminism and minority representation. I don’t want to come off as too sensitive or “taking things the wrong way”.

But Francesca is right: intent doesn’t matter—impact matters. If someone says something that hurts me or makes me uncomfortable, I should call them out and explain to them why I reacted the way I did. And if they don’t apologize, if they start to blame me or to make excuses for their behavior, I shouldn’t let it slide. Because the way people intend things reflects a deeply rooted, sometimes damaging ideology that puts racial, gender, social, etc. minorities at a disadvantage.

I know this video is about apologizing, but I think it is also about not being afraid of standing up for what you believe in, especially if that belief is in the social equality. This video reminded me of how grateful I am to have friends like anosdesoledad and plumpplums and queeringthefightingirish who aren’t afraid to talk about these incredibly difficult issues and aren’t afraid to stand up for the minority. And that means a lot to me.

Thanks. I love you guys.


do you ever just…team 10


do you ever just…team 10

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you dont wanna mess with me i cry easily

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more naruto palette doodles! 

i’ve been getting my brother (who knows nothing about naruto) choose a palette and then a character.

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Test run shika sketch idk T.T

Test run shika sketch idk T.T

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if I see shikamaru on my dash either trini posted it or i need to reblog it for her

true person right there uwu thank you, thank you, there’s always a severe lack of shika on my dash and he always makes me feel better <3

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Naruto Shippuden Ending 7: Long Kiss Goodbye - Halicali

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So there’s this art professor at the University of Notre Dame, who happens to also be their live-in priest, that is working on this amazing 4-5 year long project. Every single face on those canvases is an actual person (the B&W ones are deceased) that he has encountered and taken a picture of. One face takes about 2-3 hours to complete. 

Yep, this priest is a friend of my parents . He’s an incredible man . I’ve known him since I was little .

Andrea, that’s so neat! I’ve never seen this (I’m assuming it’s on campus) because I’m terrible about actually taking advantage of the interesting things around campus while I’m at school, but I would love to check it out. What’s his name?

His name is Father Martin Lam . He teaches some art classes there . If you do stop by and meet him, tell him I say hi !

THIS IS CHA LAM???????? It’s funny because the first thing I thought when I saw this picture was, dang, this seems like something Cha Lam would do and what do you know! He’s the faculty advisor for the Vietnamese Student Association, and his work is really great!! In his apartment at the graduate residences, he has this BEAUTIFUL painting of a bright crane standing in a pond with the backdrop of this dark sky and stars just—everywhere, beautiful, tiny stars he painted on by hand. He told me that cranes in Vietnam represented parents, and that the darkness around was the unknown, but when you return to your parents/home, there’s still light!

I’ll have to ask him about this next time I see him! imphamished

Trini is he the one who does VSA’s masses?

yup, he’s the one!!!



naruto admonishing kakashi for bragging… kakashi deserves it, let’s be real, he needs to be taken down a notch.

I just…had to share this because…even I can’t believe it.

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The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness (2013)

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