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young adult things: washing your colors with your whites because you don’t care you JUST don’t fucking care

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if i lie here

if i just lay here

would you lie with me and discuss naruto

"Don’t ever tell anybody anything. If you do, you start missing everybody."
- J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye


gif meme challenge // 08: full body shots

naruto opening 5

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My friend probably regrets asking me this question.

My friend probably regrets asking me this question.


Today I didn’t buy a plastic skeleton, no, I bought a friend.


Today I didn’t buy a plastic skeleton, no, I bought a friend.

Warm Foothills - Alt-J


Alt-J - Warm Foothills

Such a nice song, reminds me of the hidden track Hand-Made from the previous album.

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I’m just sitting here imagining Kakashi going, “Hey, Kurenai, would you mind working with Sakura on some genjutsu?”  And Kurenai replying, “Sure, no problem; could you work with Kiba on ninjutsu?  Sometimes he has a problem recognizing it in time and countering appropriately.”  (‘Cause you know Kiba, he’s like Naruto; he wants to pound it into submission, no matter what it is.)  

Asuma threatening to lend his team to Gai for a training/ sparring session.  Gai trying to convince Kakashi to swap students for one training session ‘cause it’ll be fun.  Like Gabzilla’s pointed out- Anko mentoring Sasuke makes all the sense.  As in there’s every single reason it should’ve happened and no excuse for it not to have, except egregious oversight on the part of the writer.  

Anko tying up Sasuke with snakes and giving him a lesson on respect, especially as it pertains to Sakura.  Anko slipping laxatives and mild poisons into Sasuke’s food whenever he irritates her or just for the hell of it (all the time).  

Shizune using the time when Tsunade is training Sakura to tutor Ino, because the more medical knowledge they have in the field, the better.  Hiashi and the elder Hyuuga shooting Hinata down when she requests lessons as well because the Hyuuga are “traditionally and exclusively close combat specialists.”  Ino and Sakura finding out and giving her lessons on the side (mostly Ino, since Tsunade’s training regimen is almost as intense as Gai’s).  Ino and Hinata becoming fast friends through this.  Neji covering for Hinata at the Hyuuga compound.  Hanabi realizing something’s afoot, figuring out what it is, and bugging Hinata to teach her, too.  Hanabi and Neji training together.  Hinata and Neji training together.  Hinata and TenTen training together.  Lee and Hinata being overly polite at each other for a solid 5 minutes before Neji exasperatedly interrupts them and TenTen laughs her ass off.  

Suna goodwill visits to Konoha; Temari talking with TenTen about weapons and eventually even letting TenTen look at her fan.  Kankuro talking to TenTen about chakra strings and comparing techniques.  Gaara and Shino developing this silent understanding between them.  

Chouji inviting Shino out to BBQ with Team 10.  Chouji and Shikamaru hanging out with Shino more than any of the other Rookies because Shino knows how to be quiet & chill.  Hinata tagging along with Shino one day.  Ino tagging along with Hinata one day after a medical ninjutsu session; Shikamaru amazed at how much quieter Ino is when Hinata’s there.  

Shikamaru being dumb enough to say so & having the formerly peaceful cloudwatching session devolve into Ino in a snit.  

Kiba hearing the commotion & not being able to resist poking his nose into it.  Kiba spending the rest of the week pretending to be miffed that he wasn’t invited & making Shino- style pointed comments to that effect.  Shino dishing it right back to him about the failed Sasuke Retrieval Mission.  

Ino sniffing and informing them that they’re both wrong, and the reason the Sasuke Retrieval Mission failed is because Shikamaru was too sexist to include any of the girls, some genius you are, Shika.  

Ino confiding to Hinata that she knows just how Shino feels, how Sakura feels; like hell any of them are running off without the others again.  (Just as soon as Naruto gets back.  When they’re all together again, they’re gonna stay that way.  And though nobody says it, maybe they’ll go take Sasuke back, too.)  

Anko, Shizune and Kurenai spending time together.  Shizune taking an interest in Hinata too, & Anko popping by to see what the fuss is about.  Anko taking Hinata under her wing and making it a mission to help the girl develop some confidence.  

Ino getting indignant when Anko embarrasses Hinata & yelling at the jounin that she’s going about it all wrong.  Anko and Ino having it out.  Anko being impressed & mentioning the girl to Ibiki.  Ibiki paying attention to the girl & subsequently having some intense discussions with Yamanaka Inoichi.  

Ino subsequently getting some highly specialized training.  

Neji and Hinata incorporating things they learned from their friends into their Jyuuken.  Their Jyuuken beginning to resemble each other’s more than the rest of the clan’s.  

A Main House member getting all uppity about it and starting to challenge Neji when Hinata jumps up and challenges that Main House member instead.  Hinata kicking his ass with her tweaked style and Hiashi and Neji smirking just slightly.  Hanabi not even bothering to try to stifle the expression & smirking outright.  

Team 8 going out for dinner to celebrate & somehow Team Gai winds up at the same restaurant whoops would you look at that what a coincidence

Tsunade incorporating genjutsu lessons with Kakashi and Kurenai into Sakura’s training.  Teams 8 & 10 training together & the instructors having to keep each kid from instinctively challenging their similar part on the other team: Shino & Shikamaru, Chouji & Kiba, Ino & Hinata.  

Kurenai telling Kiba to pay close attention to the way the girls fight- subtlety, it’s a thing!  Shino & Shikamaru not needing to be told ‘cause they were already taking pointers.  

Anko and Shizune getting tipsy one night and comparing venom with other kinds of poisons & accidentally creating a biological weapon or two and maybe some new poisons & just one antidote

Ino & Hinata working together on defining the links between mind & body & exploring the nature of chakra without any bunny goddess bullshit

The girls seeing Anko, Shizune & Kurenai’s get togethers.  Tsunade allotting time to Sakura specifically for get togethers with her own girls because she knows how important it is.  

Naruto coming back & as soon as Sakura sees him she tackles him in a hug and then calls together everybody else

The Sasuke Discussion taking place within the first couple of weeks after Naruto’s return, with the Rookies refusing to be divided

Naruto wondering when everybody got so tight

Sakura and Shino and Chouji making sure Naruto knows he’s included too

Shikamaru and Neji making oblique references to Kyuubi just to let Naruto know it doesn’t matter to them- nor will it matter to the others


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am I 9am or am I 4am or am I 1am?






do you ever just start thinking about sex and zone out for a couple of seconds and stare into space and then you come back and you’re like ah shit i hope no one realised i was thinking about sex just now

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I can confirm that I’ve said this word.


I can confirm that I’ve said this word.


do you
feel that
ble lone
that seems
to hit
you at
two o
clock in
the morn
ing when
there is
as though
to con
firm it?

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