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AU: In which Korra attends the annual ball with Bolin.

Day 3: Masquerade. Happy Borra Week!


For the most part, we don’t really see how Bolin misses or thinks of his parents. I like to think that while Mako was closest to their dad, Bolin was closest to their mom. And although Bolin’s memories of his parents have faded over time, he can still remember her long hair, her smile, and how she always smelled of this certain special flower.


Borra Week Day 3 : “Masquerade”

Paper Bags

Who needs big fancy masks anyway when you’ve got a marker and paper bags.


day off; happy borra week everyone!!! this is the only drawing i have done omfg i see a lot of mistakes in it but i



Now don’t mess with this guy, he’s a nasty dude.

#basically a huge reason why i ship them right here #bolin is not the type of guy to go rushing into trouble #heck if he has anything to say about it trouble can stay on it’s own side of the chalk line #he likes a good fight mainly for the praise #korra on the other hand #she likes to fight because when she wins it’s like proving to herself to she’s worthy of the praise #and she’s a tad violent #there’s that too#but either way bolin would temper her really well #not because he would forbid her to fight #but because he’d be the rational voice saying what would happen if she did #he’d be scared to fight and she’d have to listen because what she wants aren’t the only things that are important #he’d show her that quite well i think #and bolin would really benefit from having someone has confident and headstrong as korra around #she’s so awesome that he has to listen to her when she tells him he’s awesome #get it? #so yep i ship them majorly because they balance each other out #so perfectly


Borra Week Day 01: Day Off

I DID IT…..mind you I screwed up everywhere but hey at least I posted something in time? There’s not enough pillows. I guess Bo beat her in a Pokemon battle with the Endeavor/FocusSash/Quick Attack trick or something and she’s like “……….you can’t just do that Bo” Spoiler Alert: She pushes him off the bed.




because derp I won’t stop shipping these two in any way possible herp derp

Me either, wont stop, CAN’T stop, can’t stop perfection and what is meant to be





So sweet. So innocent. <33