30 Day OTP Challenge: Day 4-On a Date (Lin/Tenzin)

Don’t get me wrong, I love Tenzin and Pema’s family and the snippets of their marriage we were shown were really adorable. But, on occasion, I like to think about how Tenzin and Lin were as a couple. A lot of people seem to think she was kinda abusive towards him and while I’m sure she was a little rough around the edges, she obviously cared for him a lot. I think her irritation with him only began near the end of their relationship and I guess continued from there. 

Also, the urge to draw an arrow on Tenzin was great.



more doodles! this time of Momma Toph and little Lin x3

this is adorable c:


Maybe, if she’d been a mother, it would have been like this. 

His success made her happy and his failure made her push him harder. 

Yes, she thinks, ruffling his hair as he bends the metal warily. His eyes might’ve been lighter than Bolin’s, but perhaps this was how it felt to have a son.


commissioned piece for kyuubi1010; Lin and Bolin after training.


I wanted to draw everyone’s biggest hero. I couldn’t draw hands while sobbing uncontrollably, though.

…Can I just-

*slowly lies down and cries in fetal position*

❝ That lady is my hero. ❞

Meelo, speaking for the entirety of the Legend of Korra fandom (via ahlistenalison)


(via korralations)




Sokka would totally become one of those people that loves to tell you stories—even the same ones, over and over and over….


I guess someone already did something like this..?

because Spider Lin :D


ahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh/dies random LOK-related doodles…more to come most likely~

you can totally tell where I started getting lazy can’t you ohgawd

“Lin, it’s just your face.”
“…yes, Mom…”